Early Impressions and Their Influence on Mindset

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Just reading a new book* about the life of Jonas Salk, famous for being first to develop a successful polio vaccine in the mid 50’s. As a child in NY watching Armistice Day parades at the end of WWI he never forgot the images of amputee soldiers marching with a missing arm or a leg. That same year he also watched as horse-drawn wagons rolled down the street filled with coffins of the victims of an epic influenza epidemic. He observed children in schoolyards with leg braces from American’s first polio virus pandemic in1916. He resolved right then to do...

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Ancient Ideas That Still Are True

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The Greeks are having a lot of issues right now, and that’s unfortunate. Because at one time the Greeks were at the center of civilization’s development. They built the first city states, organized governments and established rules of law. and after many years of political reform kicked out the tyrants and created the system known as demokratia, or “rule by the people”…the forerunner of our own modern democracy. When I was young, around 13, I enjoyed reading Greek literature — Homer's Iliad and the Odyssey. I was particularly “taken” with Greek mythology and philosophy. It seemed to me then, and...

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