Enough of Here!: Migration and the Courage to Accept the Unknown...

Life Changes. Change of Mind. War and Persecution. Migration and Safe Havens.

Many years ago as a child I sat on a curb and watched the water from a rain storm intermingling with oil residue from parked cars as the mixture flowed irreversibly past me down the storm drain. These ‘oiliographs’ had me wondering where I came from and why I was in the United States and not fleeing from bombs in Europe, as other children my age were doing at the time. It occurred to me, through a voice in my head, that I was sitting in the Bronx and right where I “belonged," while others were where they belonged too,...

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Early Impressions and Their Influence on Mindset

Defense Jonas Salk mindset Science Universal Mind

Just reading a new book* about the life of Jonas Salk, famous for being first to develop a successful polio vaccine in the mid 50’s. As a child in NY watching Armistice Day parades at the end of WWI he never forgot the images of amputee soldiers marching with a missing arm or a leg. That same year he also watched as horse-drawn wagons rolled down the street filled with coffins of the victims of an epic influenza epidemic. He observed children in schoolyards with leg braces from American’s first polio virus pandemic in1916. He resolved right then to do...

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Ancient Ideas That Still Are True

Greece Greek Literature Homer Iliad Intelligent universe Odyssey Robert daCosta Universal Mind

The Greeks are having a lot of issues right now, and that’s unfortunate. Because at one time the Greeks were at the center of civilization’s development. They built the first city states, organized governments and established rules of law. and after many years of political reform kicked out the tyrants and created the system known as demokratia, or “rule by the people”…the forerunner of our own modern democracy. When I was young, around 13, I enjoyed reading Greek literature — Homer's Iliad and the Odyssey. I was particularly “taken” with Greek mythology and philosophy. It seemed to me then, and...

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When I Discovered I Was A Transcendental Artist

It was 2003 and I was invited to be artist in residence at the legendary Harwood Museum in Taos, New Mexico.  Little did I know what to expect upon arriving in Taos, a southwestern town famous for its art galleries, attracting hundreds of artists who ended up living there, and whose art subjects were primarily themes of the American southwest: sagebrush and mountain sunsets, native American dancers and cowboys on the open range, adobe architecture, and so on. My accommodations at the Harwood were spare: I bought some chairs and rugs to warm up the tiny adjacent apartment where I would be...

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First Post

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